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You can relax while we take care of pests. Our team has over 30 years of experience professionally removing pests from Las Vegas homes.

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We Take Pride in Our Job

We use only the safest, cleanest, longest-lasting products available to keep our customers safe. We live in a city with extreme temperatures throughout the year it's extremely important that we only use products best suited for the Las Vegas climate. 

We are passionate about the details and feel that you as our customer deserve only the best. We service your home & property as if it was our very own, providing both interior and exterior control. Our staff services our own homes with the same chemicals and rotate them throughout the year to prevent pests from building immunity, thus creating maximum protection. 
 Centering our business plan around customer safety & satisfaction has truly set us apart from other local service providers who are oftentimes more concerned about their profit margins than their customers' well-being. 

We stand behind our services 100% and guarantee it. If pests come back, so do we!
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Newmans Pest Control Team

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"Best Pest Control in Vegas! Found a scorpion walking across my living room wall, took a picture and sent it to my wife.. 2 hours later Newman's was at my front door. We found a centipede out of our normal scheduled spray and called, they came out without a question or charge AND still did the regular scheduled spray! Good customer service is hard to find these days.. Newman's has it. Our Tech is great and very friendly.. We always receive a text of service dates and times.

Highly recommend!"

Chris V.

Las Vegas Customer
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