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We control ants and 70+ other common insects with our proven Power Sprayer treatment. It’s been called the best pest control service in all of Las Vegas for insect and ant removal!

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Nothing is quite as bad as coming home to ants in the kitchen. We know from first hand experience. Our technicians can help you get rid of ants permanently, regardless of whatever is causing them to infest your home. While many people turn to natural remedies like vinegar or borax, or even ant bait, sometimes the do-it-yourself methods just aren’t enough. If you’re noticing an increase in ants either inside or outside of your home, give us a call and we’ll gladly get rid of the infestation. To learn more about the other pests we control, click here!

Ant Removal and Pest Control Services in Las Vegas

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We serve the entire Clark County & Las Vegas Metropolitan area. Whether you live in Summerlin, Centennial Hills, Lone Mountain, The Lakes, North Las Vegas, or Southwest, our team of experts can be there same-or-next-day!

Ant Removal in Las Vegas

A colony of Black Ants invading a home.


Spotting an Ant Infestation

It can be pretty normal to notice ants crawling around your home. Ants regularly travel from the outside world into homes in order to find food. Often times, ants will first be noticed in the kitchen, pantry, or bathroom. Although there are many times that spotting a few and should be of no concern, there are situations that can cause residents to worry. If you notice a large collection of rather large ants, up to 16-18 millimeters in length, you may be need to call a pest control company to have your home inspected.

Carpenter ants, large ants that can appear as either black or reddish brown in color, can cause property damage. These ants should be removed from your property as soon as an infestation is notices. If you notice large gatherings of ants crawling from or to the walls in your home, this could be a sign of ants infesting your home.

What You Need to Know About Ants

Ants are social creatures that gather in colonies varying in sizes from a few dozen, to millions. These critters can be found on nearly every landmass on the planet, so it should be expected that you will eventually run into them in your home. The ant most common to the Nevada area is the Argentine Ant. These small ants are able to crawl in and out of your home, hiding in cracks and crevices that are extremely hard to see or reach. These insects, like many others, often forage homes in search of food, water, and warmth. Unfortunately, once these pests infest your home and begin reproducing, they can be difficult to get rid of without the help of a pest control expert.

Many people turn to using ant spray, borax, vinegar, and other natural methods in order to remove ants from their property. Unfortunately, many homeowners and Las Vegas residents may be making matters worse by ineffectively treating their homes. When ants are sprayed with these home remedies, the ants that survive scatter off in different directions. These ants, along with Queen ants, tend to separate when being attacked. They then may go on to start new colonies, meaning that your home has now become the host to even more ant colonies.

Black Ants on tile floor in a Las Vegas kitchen.

Ant Removal Services in Las Vegas

A small group of ants eating a left-over apple.

How To Keep Ants Away

If you notice a large gathering of ants in your home, it may be best to call your local, family-owned pest control company or exterminator. Since ants hide in hard-to-reach places and can split up to start new colonies if they aren’t controlled correctly, the proper chemicals and treatment strategies are needed. We will identify the ant, locate the colony, and properly treat your home. Newmans Pest Control has 30+ years of experience using our proven Power Sprayer treatment to keep homes across Nevada free from pests – and ants are no different! If you need to keep ants out of your home, visit our online services page and schedule a free inspection today!

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