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Professional UV Scorpion Hunting for Superior Scorpion Pest Control
Keep your family safe from North America's most venomous scorpion. We have 30+ years of experience safely removing thousands of scorpions from homes and businesses!
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Keep 70+ common pests away with our eco-friendly Power Sprayer Treatments. If pests come back, so do we - Its our guarantee!
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We Keep Scorpions Out of Centennial Hills Homes

UV Hunting & Scorpion Pest Control Services

We get rid of scorpions before they get the chance to sting you.
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UV Scorpion Hunting - Stopping Bark Scorpions in Their Tracks

Bark scorpions nocturnal pests that prefer to live underground and in hidden places. This makes them extremely difficult to spot during the day, making them dangerous pests for homes with small children or pets present. While bark scorpion stings are usually not life threatening to adults, they can be especially dangerous to small children and pets. Many residents throughout Nevada find themselves turning to scorpion spray in hopes that the spray alone will keep their home pest-free. Unfortunately, these pests tend to return shortly after scorpion spray or other home remedies are used.

We conduct Ultraviolet (UV) scorpion hunts after dark to pinpoint the scorpion infestation, and remove the critters from your property. The flushing agents used in the scorpion hunt allow us to easily identify scorpions, track them down, and remove them quickly. Once the scorpions have been removed from your property, our team follows up with Power Sprayer Treatments that control 70+ other common pests, keeping your home pest-free! If you see any pests return after your follow-up treatment, we will return and re-fortify your home for free.
Eco-Friendly & Pet-Safe

Guaranteed Pest Control Services

We specialize in keeping over 70+ common pests out of your home. We've removed thousands of pests from many homes & businesses throughout Centennial Hills. Here's some of the most common.

No one enjoys ants in the kitchen. We'll help you keep ants at bay.

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Beetles can be pesky invaders. We'll help you get rid of them quick.

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Boxelder bugs can stain surfaces in your home. We'll help you keep them out.

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Centipedes are venomous, but harmless to humans. We'll help you keep them away.

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Chinch bugs destroy lawns and leave a foul smell. We'll help you get rid of them.

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Cockroaches carry bacteria that cause infections. We'll make sure they stay away.

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Crickets also carry bacteria and can have painful bites. We help you keep them out.

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Millipedes can excrete fluids that irritate the skin. We help you keep them away.

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We specialize in keeping you safe from North America's most venomous Scorpion.

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Silverfish love to eat your sugary & starchy leftovers. We'll help you keep them out.

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Spiders can be venomous and harmful to humans. We'll help you exterminate them.

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Springtails are eye-sores that thrive during winter. We'll keep them off your property.

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Sun Spiders are dessert-dwellers with painful bites. We help you keep them away.

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Vinegaroons spray an acid that smells like vinegar. We help you keep them out.

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Low Cost Termite Inspections & Reports

Whether you are suspicious of termite damage and taking preventative measures, or planning to have a property inspected for a VA loan, we can get your inspection reports back to you faster than any other termite inspection companies in the area. Our termite inspection procedure is quick and simple - just schedule an appointment and our team will come out to inspect the property as soon as possible.

Treatments & Reports: What to Expect

If you are in the process of buying or selling a home, we perform in-depth termite inspections and provide accurate report letters so that you can begin treatment and get to the closing table as soon as possible. After completing our online request form, our team will reach out to you in order to schedule your termite inspection. We offer flexible same-day and next-day appointments for all inspections. Once we have completed inspecting your home for termites, we will submit your report. The majority of reports are submitted on the same day that the inspection is performed.
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They came out to my this week for an evening scorpion hunt and killed over 40 scorpions. They really have the best service in town. I have had 2 other companies try to get the scorpions under control but nothing worked. Finally a company that knows what they are doing and showed me where they were hiding and what to expect. They also used a huge power sprayer to service my property and now I see the difference between the competitors barely spraying anything around my home. Thank you to the Newmans Pest Control Team!

Cindy R.

Centennial Hills Customer
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Proudly Serving Centennial Hills, NV & Nearby Areas

We regularly serve homeowners throughout the Centennial Hills area, from the Centennial Hills Park to the Knickerbocker Park and everywhere in-between.

No Contract Required

We offer no-contract-required services to residents of Centennial and surrounding areas. This means that whether you're located in Summerlin, The Lakes, Spring Valley, Southwest, or Paradise, we can help you remove bark scorpions and more than 70 other common pests from your home with our no-contract services.

Helping Keep Centennial Hills Safe

The Centennial Hills area, found in the northwest corner of the Las Vegas area, is known as one of the safest neighborhoods in the area. We do our part to keep residents safe by keeping their properties free from bugs that are common to Nevada. Pests like subterranean termites that damage the wooden frames of homes, and bark scorpions that are extremely venomous, are commonly found in homes that we inspect. We make it our priority to keep the 46,000 residents of our community safe, and avoid venomous scorpion stings that may lead to unwanted visits to the Centennial Hills Hospital & Emergency Room!

We're Expanding!

We're always looking to help another resident get rid of scorpions or kick pests to the curb. Even if you haven't seen your neighborhood or city name on our "locations" page yet, we're coming to YOUR neighborhood next! Not sure where we're already sending bugs packing? Check our areas served page for a list of locations. We're also currently servicing the areas of Lone Mountain, Skye Canyon, Providence, Sun City Summerlin, Reverence, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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