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No one enjoys coming home to a house full of pests. Our family-run team is here to keep your home pest-free so you can live without stress or worry. Whether you’re dealing with Boxelder bugs, Spider, Cockroaches, or any other pest, we’re here to help. Our proven Power Sprayer treatment controls Boxelder bugs and 70+ other pests. If you’re experiencing an infestation, schedule a free inspection and we’ll rush out to inspect your home. If pests come back, so do we – it’s our pest free guarantee! To learn more about the other pests we control, click here!

Boxelder Bugs in Las Vegas Nevada

Noticing Boxelder Bugs Around the House?

Keep Boxelder Bugs Out of Your Home

Get rid of boxelder bugs and 70+ other common pests today!


Three Boxelder Bugs on a wooden table.

Do Boxelder Bugs Bite, Or Are They Otherwise Harmful to Humans?

Here’s the good news – boxelder bugs rarely bite. While these small pests do have teeth built to break through human skin, they’ve only rarely been reported to bite people. The biggest harm that humans face during a boxelder bug infestation is to their personal comfort, and potentially to any lightly colored surfaces in their home. The feces of boxelder bugs has been known to stain light colored surfaces, so keeping them out of your home will assist in keeping your home clean, and your furniture safe. Thankfully these pests aren’t very “dangerous”. They’re just extremely annoying and unwelcome invaders in your home. They may not bite often, but they’re known to leave a stinky smell when crushed!


What Areas of Homes Do They Usually Infest?

Boxelder bugs can be found crawling around the floor of your home, or inside of your walls. These insects prefer warm areas, and are known to begin migrating towards homes as the temperature begins to decline. They find their way into unsuspecting homes by entering cracks, crevices, or other openings that residents have not sealed off. You can expect to spot these pests crawling anywhere throughout your home – especially in garages, sheds, and other outdoor spaces.


How To Identify Boxelder Bugs

These bugs have a distinct figure and are generally easy to identify when spotted. Boxelder bugs have almond-shaped bodies. They’re incredibly small. The young nymphs are usually 1/16th of an inch long, while the full grown adults can reach ½ inch in length. The bugs are usually black in color, with either red or orange markings on the wings that cover their back. Younger boxelder bugs are typically found to have brightly colored backs that turn black as the bugs age and increase in size.

What Do They Eat?

Boxelder bugs are known to feast on the juices that can be found in the seeds of Boxelder trees, which is where they get their name. These bugs are also fond of maple trees. Neighborhoods in or near areas with a high volume of Boxelder or Silver Maple trees may find that they spot these little pests often. Fortunately, these bugs prefer not to dine on wood or other materials that make up the structure of your home.


A colony of Boxelder Bugs on a wooden surface outside of a home.

How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

A group of Boxelder Bugs grouped together on a leaf.

What is their Life Cycle?

Boxelder bugs are generally inactive in cold winter months, and begin to come alive as the temperature rises. Females lay eggs in Spring that will soon hatch, and mature into adults over the summer months. After summer months, the now fully grown bugs will look for cool, dry places to mate and restart the cycle. These bugs are much more active during Spring and Summer, when the weather is warmer, than they are in cooler months. If you’ve noticed an infestation in your home, now may be the best time to have your home treated!


How Do You Keep Boxelder Bugs Out of Your Home?

Unfortunately it can be pretty difficult to keep boxelder bugs out of your home, especially if you live near boxelder trees or maple trees, which are the preferred food sources of these pests. Due to their incredibly small size, they can enter your home through the smallest cracks and crevices that have been left unsealed. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to minimize infestation!


Inspect your entryways and screen doors for any tears in the screen, or other possible entry-points.

Check that the screens of your windows have no tears. If they do, get new screens so these bugs can not enter.

Seal-off any entry-points that you notice in doors and windows. This will reduce the chances that bugs can openly enter your home without you knowing.


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