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We keep Chinch Bugs out of Las Vegas Lawns & Homes!

Chinch bugs can cause serious damage to lawns and can be very difficult to spot. Even worse, they can leave a foul odor when stepped on! Infected lawns with large infestations can have up to 150 to 200 chinch bugs per square foot! If you’ve noticed chinch bugs make their way onto your property, give us a call and we will come control them and 70+ other common pests with our Power Sprayer Treatment! To learn more about the other pests we control, click here!

How to Remove Chinch Bugs

Chinch Bugs Can Destroy Your Lawn.

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Chinch Bugs in Las Vegas

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What Are Chinch Bugs?

Chinch bugs are very small insects with a reputation for destroying the lawns of homeowners and leaving a ridiculously foul smell behind. They can cause very visible damage to lawns, requiring the infected areas to be reseeded. If you’ve noticed patches of dead grass in your lawn, especially during the summer, your property may be the prey of a large population of chinch bugs. The damage is most likely to occur in summer seasons where grass is dry and these pests can easily gather to feed.


Chinch bugs are often very difficult to identify due to their small size. They grow no larger than 1/6 of an inch in size, but tend to gather in large populations. Both adult and nymph bugs can cause damage and leave a foul smell when stepped on. Adult chinch bugs appear black in color and have wings folded over their backsides. The nymphs, however, can appear red in color. Chinch bug management is especially important since females can lay over 500 eggs – which will all hatch to feast on your lawn if left untreated!

Are Chinch Bugs Dangerous, and How Can I Spot Them?

Chinch bugs are of great concern to homeowners with large lawns, but they aren’t a physical threat to their well-being. These pests prefer to feed on grass and tend to stay out of the home. While the inside of your property may be safe from harm, your lawn may become overrun and ultimately destroyed by these invaders. Chinch bugs suck plants of their fluids and leave toxins that infect blades of grass and cause it to sicken. It is extremely important to control chinch bugs once an infestation has been identified. Otherwise, infected lawns may need to be treated and completely reseeded in order to continue growing.

It is likely that the effects of chinch bugs will be seen and felt far before these small critters are spotted. Dry patches of grass along sidewalks, driveways, and other paths are a first sign that these critters have invaded your property. Another great way to identify a chinch bug invasion is to walk over & observe areas of stressed grass. These bugs leave a strong, foul smell when stepped on, making it easy for an infestation to be identified when walking over an area that is believed to be infested. Watering your lawn and developing a lawn care routine can help in keeping these pests off of your property for good.

How to Get Rid of Chinch Bugs in Las Vegas

Chinch Bugs Climbing Stalk Near Home.

How to Get Rid of Chinch Bugs

Get Rid of Chinch Bugs | Home and Garden.

How To Keep Chinch Bugs Away

Since chinch bugs are attracted to dry and stressed grass, proper lawn-care management practices can help in keeping lawns healthy and keeping these pests away. Often times, it can be difficult to remove these bugs from your property once an infestation has begun, and mowing will do little to remove them – and can leave behind a horrible stench. Thankfully, our Power Sprayer Treatment controls for chinch bugs and 70+ other common pests and keeps your home pest free for the long run. If you need to keep chinch bugs off of your property, visit our online services page and schedule a free inspection today!

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