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Crickets can cause disruption in any home. While these pests aren’t the most harmful to humans, male crickets make loud chirping noises that can agitate homeowners and disrupt the peace and quiet of a home. If you’ve noticed crickets in your home, give us a call! Our proven Power Sprayer treatment controls crickets and 70+ other common pests. Same day appointments are available! To learn more about the other pests we control, click here!

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Crickets are Unsightly Insects.

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Read below to learn more about how to get rid of Crickets and how we keep them out of homes across Nevada.

How to Get Rid of Crickets in Las Vegas

An orchestra of crickets invading a backyard.

Do Crickets Bite?

While crickets are capable of biting, it is incredibly rare. The fangs of these pests are often unable to pierce human skin – but if they do the bite can cause significant pain and other unwanted symptoms. Those bitten by crickets may notice swelling and redness around the area. Other than pain and inflammation, cricket bites aren’t a life-threatening danger to humans or pets.

What Diseases Can They Cause?

Crickets, like cockroaches, carry with them harmful bacteria. These pests don’t only feed on vegetation, but they are known to eat other dead pests along with their feces. Due to their unhygienic diet crickets can carry with them bacteria that can cause diseases in pets that eat them, like pet lizards. Aside from carrying diseases, these pests are also known to make loud chirping noises at night. This can keep homeowners awake and prevent them from getting restful sleep.

Where Do They Hide?

Crickets in homes can be found in many places. They tend to gather in warm places where they can hide. This can be in or near trash bins, in clothes and closets, in your kitchen, and around furniture. Checking these spots for crickets and other insects regularly can help homeowners spot pests quickly and get rid of them before their home becomes a nesting ground.

How To Identify Crickets

Crickets are pretty easy to spot inside of your home. The first and easiest sign of a cricket in your home is the loud chirping noise that they make. These pests make a chirping sound that easily distinguishes them from other pests. House crickets tend to be yellowish in color and can grow up to an inch in length. They are often mistaken for grasshoppers.

What Do They Eat?

Crickets are omnivorous, much like cockroaches. These pests will eat whatever they can get their antennae on, including human food and rotting plants. If food is left out in your home, crickets will take the opportunity to feast on your leftovers and continue inhabiting your home. This is one reason it is common to find them in your trash bin, and a strong reason to keep your kitchen and home clean for preventative measures.

Crickets in Las Vegas

A small cricket perched outside of a home.

Information on Crickets

A bowl of crickets prepared to be eaten!

What is their Life Cycle?

Crickets have 3 stages of life that are similar to cockroaches and other insects. Male crickets chirp to attract female crickets and begin mating. Female crickets will deposit eggs wherever they can find a damp space. They can lay up to 100 – 200 eggs, which is bad for homeowners experiencing infestations. After roughly 2 weeks, nymphs will break free from the eggs and enter the world. Nymphs will go through molting (shedding their exoskeleton) 8 to 10 times as they mature into adults. As nymphs grow into adults, their wings will develop. Once they are adults, they will focus on foraging for food and mating in an effort to lay more eggs and re-start the life cycle for future cricket generations.

How Do You Get Crickets Out of Your Home?

Getting rid of crickets can be a tricky job for many homeowners. Of course, it is best to take preventative measures to make sure that crickets never enter your home to begin an infestation. Here are a few tips for homeowners looking to keep these insects out of their home:
Keep your kitchen clean and empty the trash bin regularly. Crickets love food. They will hide in trash bins and other cool, dark places. Keeping your home clean will give crickets fewer spots to hide and less leftover food to sustain themselves on.
Regularly check under and around furniture. Crickets are known to hide under furniture and other easy-to-get-to spaces. Keeping these areas clean will give insects one less place to hide.

Will Using a Molasses mixture or other DIY Home Remedies Work?

Many homeowners have read that Molasses mixtures can be used to lure crickets out from hiding. Crickets are attracted to the sweet scent of molasses, and may come out of hiding to explore the source of the smell. This gives homeowners the opportunity to physically remove the crickets from their home. The issue with this method is first finding the crickets and their nesting spots, and using a method that fortifies your home so that these pests don’t come back. While using a molasses mixture may help for a sole cricket that you’ve cornered under a couch, it likely won’t solve an infestation problem. Our proven Power Sprayer treatment gets rid of crickets and 70+ other insects so that your home is safe and pest-free. To see how we keep your house safe from pests view our pest extermination page to learn about a few of the other bugs we control.

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