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We keep earwigs out of Las Vegas Homes!

Despite their name, earwigs don't actually crawl into the ears of sleeping people and use their pinchers to damage their ear canals. Regardless, they are still unwelcome and unsightly pests common to Las Vegas homes. If you've noticed earwigs make their way into your home, give us a call and we will come control earwigs and 70+ other common pests with our Power Sprayer Treatment! To learn more about the other pests we control, click here!
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What are Earwigs?

Many people have heard of earwigs (also known as pincher bugs) and have associated them with the myth that these small pincher bugs crawl into the ears of sleeping people to cause them harm. In reality, earwigs are very small and harmless insects. They can be similar to silverfish in appearance, with the main differences being size and color. Most earwigs are reddish or brownish in color, have flat bodies, and are much smaller in length than silverfish.

The pincers on these pests are used as a self-defense mechanism, but are largely harmless to people. Some species release a foul-smelling liquid as a self-defense mechanism as well. The liquid has a very foul smell, but is actually harmless. While it isn't very well-known, these insects actually have wings! Although, they don't often fly and are most often seen crawling around homes. They are most often found outdoors in gardens, yards, and other areas that have vegetation. These bugs find their way into unsuspecting homes while looking for dark, damp environments to hide in. 

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Earwigs are more dangerous to gardens and vegetation than to homeowners, but can be very unsightly and unwelcome guests in a home. These insects have pincers that are used for self defense and to assist them in feeding, but they rarely use these pincers to attach humans - and no, they don't actually crawl into your ears! The pincers of an earwig are strong enough to help them feed on other small insects, but often aren't strong enough to break the skin of a human who many be pinched by one when picking an earwig up. 

Earwigs are not venomous and are not capable of either biting or stinging humans. The most harm that these pests can bring include the stress of getting them out of your home, and the foul smell that they release when they are threatened or stepped on. Homeowners should pay special attention to their gardens and household plants when suspecting an earwig invasion - your vegetation is at much more risk than you are if these pests are found in your home.   

How To Keep Earwigs Away

Most earwigs are rarely found indoors. They are most often found in yards and gardens. If you've noticed earwigs in your home they've likely come inside in search of a dark and damp environment to hide in, and will most likely be found in basements, kitchens, the pots of plans, and other dark areas. Thankfully, our Power Sprayer Treatment controls for earwigs and 70+ other common pests and keeps your home pest free for the long run. If you need to keep earwigs out of your home, visit our online services page and schedule a free inspection today!

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