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No one likes coming home to 8-legged invaders in their living space - especially if that 8-legged invader is a vinegaroon! Our Power Sprayer Treatment keeps arachnids like vinegaroons (also known as whip scorpions) out of Las Vegas properties, while keeping home owners and their families safe. If you've noticed spiders, scorpions, vinegaroons, or other arachnids crawling around your home, give us a call and we'll come out to inspect your property and get rid of the pests! To learn more about the other pests we control, click here!
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Vinegaroons Are Unwelcomed Pests.

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A vinegaroon found crawling on a bath-towel.

What are Vinegaroons?

Vinegaroons, also known as whip scorpions, are 8-legged arachnids that resemble scorpions. Unlike scorpions, these arachnids have thin tails with no stingers or venom glands. These creatures can range from 1 to 3 inches in length and can weigh up to 12 grams! Although vinegaroons have 8 legs, only 6 are used for walking. The first two legs actually serve as antennae-like organs (not to be mistaken with their large scorpion-like pincers, which are used to crush their prey).

While most vinegaroons are small in size, their large legs, whip-like tail, pincers, and large abdomen can make them appear to be much larger. Similar to scorpions, these pests have one pair of eyes towards the front of their head and 3 on each side. While they don't have venom glands and aren't venomous, they do have glands under their abdomen that spray acetic acid and caprylic acid when the pest feels threatened. This acid tends to have a vinegar-like smell, which is where the name "Vinegaroon" comes from!

Are Vinegaroons Dangerous?

While vinegaroons are carnivorous pests that love to feast on other insects, they are very much harmless to humans. Without venom glands they have no way to deliver a poisonous sting or bite, unlike spiders and scorpions. These nocturnal hunters mostly prey on millipedes, scorpions, slugs and worms. They're also effective natural pest-controllers when it comes to crickets and centipedes! As nocturnal pests they can tend to be very difficult to spot during the day, and prefer to hide under logs, rocks, wood, under debris, and any crevices within your home that are void of light and often left unchecked.

Other arachnids like spiders and scorpions can be much more of a concern to homeowners when it comes to endangering their household. Although these creatures look quite scary and very similar to scorpions, they aren't a huge cause for concern when it comes to threatening the livelihood and physical safety of homeowners and their families. Still, these unwelcome pests can cause stress when invading homes. If you've noticed an unsightly vinegaroon crawling around your property, give us a call and we'll come to exterminate them and any other arachnids that may be on your property.
A black vinegaroon found crawling around outside.
A small vinegaroon found crawling on leaves in a yard.

How To Keep Vinegaroons Away

Vinegaroons and other arachnids can be easily removed from your home by trained pest control professionals. While many homeowners turn to DIY and natural remedies, these methods often fall short of keeping your home safe and keeping pests away for the long term. Our Power Sprayer Treatment controls vinegaroons, other arachnids, and 70+ other common pests while keeping your family safe. If you need to keep vinegaroons out of your home, visit our online services page and schedule a free inspection today!

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