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Termites in North Las Vegas - How to Protect Your Property

Find out how to keep your home safe from Western Subterranean termites
Why Should You Worry About Subterranean Termites?
Western Subterranean termites are pesky, cryptic creatures that are common to cities throughout Nevada. Subterranean termites generally swarm on warm days after rainfall, which means that they can be active from Winter to early Spring. Unlike Dampwood termites, which are also commonly found in Nevada, these subterranean termites can cause extensive damage to homes. 

These insects are prone to infest buildings at any time of the year, but they are particularly important when it comes to buying or selling your home. Since a termite inspection & report is usually a condition of sale, it is of high importance to both the homeowner and buyer to make sure that no termites are present and no excessive damage has been done to the home. Aside from feeding on wood, termites can also damage books, insulation, shrubs, paper, and even swimming pool liners. Due to their ability to cause so much damage, termite infestation should be of high concern to homeowners and those looking to purchase a home. Without proper inspection and treatment, termites can stay around and cause extreme damage to your property.
How Can You Tell If Your Home Is Infested?
Unfortunately, many times there are no clear indications that your home has fallen victim to a termite infestation. While termites are known to damage wood, often times the outer surfaces of wood structures are left undamaged due to the insects foraging behind walls, floors, and other objects obstructing them from view. 

One sure sign of an infestation is the appearance of mud-like tubes that appear on or near the walls of your foundation. These tubes are created by termites as they travel from their colony to the structures they are feeding on. Many times termites will vacate these tubes as they continue to forage in different areas of the structure - a tube vacant of worker termites does not mean that the infestation isn't active. It may mean that the termites have moved and started feeding on other areas of your home. If you notice signs of a termite infestation, it is best to contact a professional to examine your home and exterminate any termites that may have swarmed your property.
Why Are Infestations Usually Discovered in Spring?
As temperature increases, termites leave their colonies and venture off to start new colonies. Subterranean termites especially love to swarm between Winter and Spring. Winged termites, often confused with ants, swarm to find new areas suitable for a colony. This is why during spring and warmer months, it is common to find swarms of winged termites inside of your home. Once these winged swarming termites find new ground, they shed their wings and begin reproducing. 

Homeowners who notice an increase in what looks like ants during warm weather may actually be witnessing the beginning of a termite infestation. Fortunately, these winged swarming termites don't damage wood, which makes discovering them in Spring the best time to get flush out the infestation.
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