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Keep Your Home Pest Free, For Good

Newmans Pest Control Services using Power Sprayer Treatments keep 70+ common pests away. Make sure your home stays pest-free with our pest-free guarantee!

Newmans Pest Control Services Keep 70+ Common Pests Away

Complete Pest Control Services

We control pests & keep them away for good in 3 simple steps

Interior & Exterior Pest Inspection

Once you schedule an inspection, we investigate the inside and outside of your home. We check every square foot of your property and leave no stone un-turned.

Eco-Friendly Power Sprayer Treatments

After identifying the infestation, we perform a Power Sprayer Treatment to eradicate pests. We use the highest quality, eco-friendly, & pet-safe chemicals available.

Bi-Monthly Follow-Up Treatments

After inspection, we perform an eco-friendly Power Sprayer Treatment to fortify your home. We return bi-monthly to keep scorpions & 70+ other common pests away for good.

Get Las Vegas’ most trusted pest control service. If pests come back, so do we!

We prioritize keeping our customers safe with the highest quality, eco-friendly, pet and child-safe chemicals available. Our team has over 30 years of experience in removing scorpions and 70+ types of other common pests from homes throughout Las Vegas. Use our Bi-Monthly Power Sprayer Treatments to fortify your home and make sure that once pests are gone, they stay gone. If any pests return, just give us a call. If they come back, so do we! Want to know more? Visit our services page to learn more about what we do to help you keep your home safe.

We're Here To Help!

Keep Your Home Safe

Control 70+ common pests with ease. We've removed thousands of pests from many homes & businesses across Las Vegas. Here's some of the most common.

No one enjoys ants in the kitchen. We'll help you keep ants at bay.

Beetles can be pesky invaders. We'll help you get rid of them quick.

Boxelder bugs can stain surfaces in your home. We'll help you keep them out.

Centipedes are venomous, but harmless to humans. We'll help you keep them away.

Chinch bugs destroy lawns and leave a foul smell. We'll help you get rid of them.

Cockroaches carry bacteria that cause infections. We'll make sure they stay away.

Crickets also carry bacteria and can have painful bites. We help you keep them out.

Millipedes can excrete fluids that irritate the skin. We help you keep them away.

We specialize in keeping you safe from North America's most venomous Scorpion.

Silverfish love to eat your sugary & starchy leftovers. We'll help you keep them out.

Spiders can be venomous and harmful to humans. We'll help you exterminate them.

Springtails are eye-sores that thrive during winter. We'll keep them off your property.

Say Goodbye To Scorpions

The Trusted And Proven Pest Control Experts

Your Neighbors Love Us

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After helping thousands of your neighbors keep their homes pest free, we’ve earned 500+ positive reviews online. See what others have to say!

“Newman’s Pest Control DESERVES their 5 star rating. Whether I leave a voice message or contact them through their website, I always get an immediate response, or as soon as possible the next day. Bobby came to help me with an ant problem and was on time and so professional. He was kind enough to answer the one million questions I had (sorry Bobby!) and also took the time to explain what he was going to do on my property. So far I have seen ZERO live insects in my house but plenty of dead ones around the outside and some on the inside so my guess is that whatever they sprayed is super effective, but safe. I would 100% recommend Newman’s to anyone who wants guaranteed and fast results/response. Thank you Bobby and Newman’s!!”

Veronica Y.

Verified Las Vegas Customer

Our #1 Priority?

Keeping You Safe & Pest-Free

We don't stop at removing pests once. We make sure they don't come back.

30+ years getting rid of scorpions and over 70 other pests

Best UV & Blacklight scorpion hunters in Las Vegas

We use Micro-encapsulated scorpion spray to help you get rid of scorpions

Highly reviewed and trusted exterminators

Affordable, same-day removal & extermination

Our Power Sprayer treatments stop infestations quickly

Open evenings and weekends for support

Our company offers fast, same-day service

Honest pricing and licensed team of inspectors

Eco-friendly, kid safe, and pet safe products. Hypo-allergenic & odorless!

Serving Summerlin, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas & Henderson

We serve customers all over Las Vegas so we're always nearby!

Ready to Get Rid of Pests?

Our team will arrive same-or-next-day with eco-friendly products to keep your home safe.
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