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We specialize in hunting and removing scorpions from your home, so you can live without fear and worry. We have over 30 years of combined experience performing UV Hunts and Power Sprayer treatments to fortify Las Vegas homes and keep Nevada's most venomous scorpions off of our customers' properties. If you notice any scorpions return after your Power Sprayer treatment, we'll come back and get rid of them again, for free. Best scorpion removal in Las Vegas, NV - guaranteed! To learn more about our scorpion removal services, visit our home page.
Simple, Effective Scorpion & Pest Control
3 simple ways we make sure pests don't come back
Interior & Exterior Pest Inspection
Once you schedule an inspection, we investigate the inside and outside of your home. We check every square foot of your property and leave no stone un-turned.
Ultra-Violet (UV)
Scorpion Hunt
After identifying the infestation we perform an after-dark UV Hunt, flushing scorpions out from hiding to exterminate them with our Power Sprayer Treatment.
Bi-Monthly Power Sprayer Treatments
After the initial UV-Hunt we return Bi-Monthly to re-fortify your home with our Power Sprayer Treatment, keeping scorpions and 70+ other common pests away for good.
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"They came out to my this week for an evening scorpion hunt and killed over 40 scorpions. They really have the best service in town. I have had 2 other companies try to get the scorpions under control but nothing worked. Finally a company that knows what they are doing and showed me where they were hiding and what to expect. They also used a huge power sprayer to service my property and now I see the difference between the competitors barely spraying anything around my home. Thank you to the Newmans Pest Control Team!"
Las Vegas Customer
"I turned to Newman's Pest Control when I moved to Vegas and found a few scorpions in my back yard. I have not seen any scorpions since I started using their service. The staff is so friendly and attentive. Answers all of your questions and leaves you feeling comforted. The price is affordable and fair. My favorite part is if I find any type of insect after my home has been serviced, I can call and they will come back to do a thorough check on my home. I highly recommend Newman's Pest Control!"

Las Vegas Customer

Scorpions in Las Vegas - What You Need to Know

Scorpion spray may not be enough to keep the pests away. Learn more about scorpions & how to get rid of them.
Desert Bark Scorpions - Nevada's most common stinger
Desert Bark Scorpions may look small, but they are extremely dangerous to the elderly, toddlers, and small pets. These nocturnal insects can live for up to 15 years, and are often born in batches of up to 50 scorpions per litter. Female scorpions, unlike other common arthropods, don't lay eggs externally. Instead, the eggs hatch inside of the mother where they develop until they are large enough to venture out on their own. While Desert Bark Scorpions prefer to live underground, they can often be found crawling around the inside of homes of unsuspecting homeowners during the night.

Homeowners can take specific preventative steps to keep their home safe from scorpions. Remove piles of rock & other debris like lumber wood from around your home to prevent scorpions from having a place to hide. They love cool, dark, and dry places. Homeowners can also regularly mow their grass to keep it low to prevent scorpions from having other hiding places. Always be sure to shake out clothing such as shoes, gloves, pants, and jackets prior to wearing them if you live in an area that is known to have Desert Bark Scorpions.
At-risk populations & what to do if you get stung
The elderly, small children and pets are the most at risk of being harmed by scorpions. Being stung by one of these scorpions can cause sever pain, numbness, and tingling in adults and even more serious symptoms for babies and pets. Widespread systemic symptoms experienced after being stung by a scorpion include drooling, difficulty breathing, muscle spasms (twitching), nausea, vomiting, sweating, and an accelerated heart rate (tachycardia). Individuals who have experienced scorpion stings before may develop sever allergic reactions if stung again, which may develop into anaphylaxis - a life-threatening condition.

If a small child or elderly person in your home has been stung by a scorpion, seek immediate medical attention! Don't wait! Waiting can lead to serious harm and potentially loss of life. While few deaths have been reported and attributed to scorpion stings in America, certain populations are still at risk. Take preventative measures to keep your home safe, seek professional scorpion extermination services, and always seek medical help if you or someone you know has been stung.
Using UV Black-Light Hunting & Power Sprayer Treatments to get rid of Scorpions for good
Since scorpions are nocturnal pests that are most active at night and prefer to live underground, it can be fairly difficult to spot them during the day. Fortunately, UV Black-light hunting allows experts to flush scorpions out from hiding and remove them from homes. Flushing agents and black lights cause the exoskeleton of scorpions to glow in the dark, making them extremely easy to spot after-dark.

Often times during UV Hunts, you will begin to notice glowing scorpions crawling around your property! Once we are able to locate these glowing pests, we can collect and remove them from your home. Once the pests have been spotted and removed, our team performs a Power Sprayer treatment around your property that prevents scorpions from returning. To keep scorpions away for good, we return to perform bi-monthly followup treatments. This preventative measure has allowed us to keep our customers homes completely clear of scorpions, where they otherwise would have seen the pests return.
Still Have Questions About Nevada's Most Venomous Scorpion?
Watch Coyote Peterson Handle the World's Deadliest Scorpions on YouTube. Don't try this at home!
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Our Power Sprayer treatments stop infestations quickly

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Our company offers fast, same-day service

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Eco-friendly, kid safe, and pet safe products. Hypo-allergenic & odorless!

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