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Keep your home pest-free with our One Time and Bi-Monthly Power Sprayer Treatments, or get your home inspected for termites today!

U.V. Scorpion Hunting & Removal

There's a reason we are Las Vegas' favorite scorpion removal & pest control company. While many other companies focus only on treating the easily reachable exterior areas of your home, our "carpet bomb" approach covers the interior and exterior of your home - leaving no safe place for scorpions and other pests to hide. Many customers report complete extermination of pests after undergoing our UV Hunt & PowerSpray Treatments. We only use the safest, highest-grade products during treatment. All products are kid-safe & pet-friendly.
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Termite Home Inspection & Report

Suspicious that your home may be infested with termites? Whether you're buying a home or just want to make sure that no termite damage has occurred, we've got you covered. Termite infestations are often hard to spot and even harder to get rid of. We've been trusted by over 200 realtors across Las Vegas to get the job done, with the fastest turnaround time in Las Vegas. Same-day and next-day appointments available!
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Complete Bi-Monthly Pest Control

We don't just eradicate scorpions and complete termite inspections faster than anyone else in Las Vegas - we also kill up to 70+ common pests with our Power Sprayer Treatments. Whether you're dealing with ants, beetles, boxelder bugs, scorpions, silverfish, or any other common pest, we can exterminate pests and keep your home safe for good. Interior & exterior treatments are included with each service for maximum protection. Call today for a free quote & to schedule your service!
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"First, I use this company for my personal property. Every other month they are out to treat for pests, and IF by chance the pests show up on their off month, they came again! With that said, I recommend to my real estate clients, when an inspection is needed, or for their own home service, you use Newman's. They are reliable, friendly, helpful and personable. Not just over the phone, but their technicians too. Highly recommend!!"

Anthony F.

Las Vegas Customer
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